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  • HomeBuyer Survey

    • The Level 2 RICS Survey will highlight common defects and areas of concern.
    • For modern, conventional properties made from traditional materials.
    • For houses in good condition with no obvious defects or significant alterations.
    • An easy-to-read report with clear traffic-light condition ratings of all accessible areas.
    • An independent market valuation can be included.

    Building Survey

    • The Level 3 RICS Survey, previously known as the Full Structural Survey.
    • The most in depth property survey available, the inspection will uncover hidden structural defects.
    • For old buildings, listed properties, houses with obvious defects, and unconventional homes.
    • Vital if you plan to significantly extend or alter the property.
    • Can include advice and costings on future and ongoing maintenance costs and repairs.
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What is a surveyor?

A property surveyor conducts an inspection of a property, paying attention to details of the building. The surveyor then lets you know of any structural issues with the building. These could include the need for repairs, alterations like fixing a roof and more.

In addition, the surveyor’s report includes expert insights about the property. This might be the type of wall or the type of glazing, for instance.

How much should surveying cost?

The surveyor’s fee depends on the type of survey you choose, as well as the size of the property to be surveyed. Keep in mind that a more in-depth report, and the larger the home, the more time the surveyor will need to spend assessing.

How much Does a Home Buyer Report (Level 2) Cost?

A Home Buyer Report Level 2 is used on properties that are 100 years old or less, and that are in overall good condition. For this report, a traffic light system is used, which points out problems and areas that can be improved, along with those that have no problems.

It usually takes the surveyor anywhere from 1-2 hours to assess the property, and then fill out the report. If you have any questions about the report, many surveyors are willing to take the time to talk with you by phone if you’d like additional information, or are concerned about certain aspects of the report.

The cost of a Home Buyer Report (Level 2) starts at about £300.

How Much Does a Building Survey (Level 3) Cost?

A Building Survey (Level 3) is more in-depth and is most often used on homes that are older, and those that have had work done. They are also used on a home you intend to do building work on. This type of survey is more expensive, as well as more comprehensive.

When it comes to cost, a building survey averages anywhere from £500 to £1300; however, the cost depends on the size, value and age of the property.

These surveys are more expensive because they are more detailed, and the surveyor may also spend additional time looking at different aspects of the property. A building survey may take about 2-5 hours, after which the surveyor will write up a comprehensive report. Here, too, the surveyor is usually happy to discuss the client’s concerns and questions.

How to compare surveyors

You can search online and comparison shop for a surveyor. Another option is to check with family and friends for their recommendations. In addition, you could also ask the estate agent, solicitor or conveyancer. If you choose this route, you’ll need to understand that the estate agent my receive a commission from the surveyor for sending you to them. If you choose to use a recommendation from one of these professionals, it’s always a good idea to still do your research. Check the rates charged by the recommended surveyor, as well as their credentials. If they are more expensive, then you don’t have to use that particular surveyor.

During your search for the right surveyor, be sure anyone you choose is a member of either the Residential Property Surveyors Association (RPSA) or the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors. Both of these organisations recognise and license surveyors for this type of work.

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