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Why do you Need Conveyancing in Manchester?

You need conveyancing in Manchester because the final step in the purchase or sale of a property – the legal transfer of property from one party to another – is often the trickiest and requires strict attention to detail. 

Whether the seller is the property owner or the owner’s estate the process will go through the same three stages: before contract, before completion and after completion. Mistakes during any of these stages can be costly and may even torpedo the sale altogether.

In order to avoid costly mistakes with the legal and administrative work related to conveyance, it is crucial that you have an experienced, reputable conveyancer on your side. They will manage all aspects of the property transfer for you, including property inspection, exchange of contracts and more.

While the conveyance process always follows the aforementioned stages, each sale/purchase nonetheless comes with its own set of variables, any one of which could throw a wrench into the proceedings if handled improperly. For this reason alone you need to choose your conveyancer carefully.

How to Compare Conveyancers in Manchester?

Buying or selling property is always more complex than people think it is. That is especially true of the final step in the process; the legal transfer of the property. The need to have a qualified, experienced conveyancer or solicitor in your corner during the process is unquestioned. But just how do you go about finding a qualified, experienced conveyancer or solicitor in Manchester?

You start by contacting Conveymoving and letting us do the comparison research for you. We understand that, by the time you come to us, you have already put in long hours arranging financing and liaising with estate agents, bankers, brokers and others. What you want now is a qualified conveyancer who will help with the sale/purchase through the final stages.

You will find working with us extremely simple and trouble-free. All you need do is supply us with some basic details about yourself and the property transaction in question. We then provide you with quotes from up to five different conveyancing firms. You will save time and money and rest easy knowing the property transfer is in capable hands.

How Much Does Conveyancing in Manchester Cost?

There are numerous factors that influence the final cost of conveyancing. Those include purchase price, type of property (house, flat, new build etc), location and more. When you receive a quote from one of our conveyancers you will notice it is comprised of two parts: the conveyancer’s legal fees, and disbursements payable. The conveyancer’s legal fees are self-explanatory. But people are sometimes confused by the disbursements.

Disbursements are monies paid to other entities during the conveyance process, including fees for things like anti-money laundering checks, land registration fees and notice fees. The following is a list of disbursements you can expect to pay during the conveyance process.

  • Searches (including local authority search, coal mining search, drainage water search)  £100-£380
  • Telegraphic transfer or bank transfer fee: £20-£45
  • Anti-money laundering checks: £6-£20
  • Land Registration fees (varies based on your purchase price) £40-£27
  • Title deeds: £9
  • Property fraud: £10
  • Stamp duty land tax: payable to the HMRC on properties that are valued more than £125,000; the costs vary and are charged on a sliding scale depending on the purchase price and different thresholds apply if you are a first-time buyer.
  • Notice fees- if the property is a leasehold the freehold will charge a fee for notice served  on them on completion to advise of your details: £50-£300

Keep in mind that the numbers quoted above are averages. Also, which of these fees you actually pay will depend on whether you are selling or purchasing the property in question.

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