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No property purchase in Milton Keynes can go through without conveyancing. Conveyancing involves the legal transfer of the property from one person or entity to another, and it is typically the last step in the purchase process. Many of those who have never purchased property before tend to think of conveyancing as a simple signing of documents. But there’s much more to it than that, and you need to have a qualified Conveyancer in your corner to guide you through the conveyancing minefield.

Where Can You Get Conveyancing Quotes in Milton Keynes?

A single misstep during the conveyancing process can result in your purchase being scuttled. So the importance of having a reliable Conveyancer on your side is beyond question. But finding one is not always easy. Unless, that is, you use

In just a few minutes you’ll receive as many as 5 dependable quotations from experienced Conveyancers who understand the local market and will help expedite the conclusion of your purchase. Just provide us with some basic information and hit the “submit” button and you’re all set. In seconds you’ll have your quotes.

How Much Does Conveyancing in Milton Keynes Cost?

Conveyancing is an umbrella term that covers a plethora of checks related to the Milton Keynes property you want to buy. These checks are mandatory and are intended to ensure the integrity of the sale. Each check generates a fee, of course, and there are also fees related to bank transfers and other activity. On the conveyancing quotes you receive you’ll notice that costs are divided into standard fees for the Conveyancer’s services and what are called “disbursements payable”. Disbursements payable include:

  • Anti-money laundering and property fraud check fees.
  • Land registration and Title Deed fees.
  • Drainage water search fees and coal mine search fees.
  • Fees associated with the purchase of a leasehold property.
  • Unique fees generated by the investigation of a new build purchase.
  • If someone gifted you all or part of the deposit, there will be a fee to investigate that.
  • Stamp Duty Land Tax on property valued at more than £125,000.

In most cases, the buyer will have to pay several hundred pounds in conveyancing fees and duties before all is said and done. However, the more valuable your property the higher the Stamp Duty. For instance, there will be no Stamp Duty on a £120,000 property. But a £200,000 property will generate a Stamp Duty of £1,500. So be aware.

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