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Most people in Peterborough who have never purchased property before have also never heard of “conveyancing”. Conveyancing is the final step in the purchase process covering the legal transfer of the property from the former owner to the new owner.

Conveyancing involves numerous agencies, fees and other details that must all be properly attended to before the transfer can take place. It’s a complex process and for that reason, it’s essential that you have an experienced conveyancer in your corner throughout.

The conveyancer is much more than a witness. The conveyancer has a wide range of responsibilities ranging from the drafting of legal documents, examining of contracts, paying applicable fees, arranging for inspections, liaising with solicitors and more.

It’s critically important that you have a qualified conveyancer working for you, but finding one can be something of a challenge. That’s where we come in. We’re Conveymoving and we make finding an experienced conveyancer near you a snap.

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If you have never purchased property before you may be tempted to side-step the conveyancer. Don’t. Even simple errors can upend your purchase and cause you significant delays and financial penalties. The only smart choice is to accept the need for a conveyancer and to find an experienced one in your area. Conveymoving will help you do that.

Just go to the Conveymoving website and use our convenient search form. You will be asked to provide a few basic pieces of information regarding yourself and the property in question. Once the form is filled out simply submit it and up to 5 quotations from local Peterborough conveyancers will be presented to you. It’s that easy.

Cost of Conveyancing

Purchasing property is not a simple or cheap process, so you should always enter into that process with your eyes open and expect a variety of fees and duties. When it comes to conveyancing there are two types of expenditures involved: legal fees due to the conveyancer, and “disbursements payable”. Disbursements payable are fees and taxes the conveyancer will pay on your behalf during the course of their duties. They typically include:

  • Fees related to things such as the drainage water search and mining search.
  • Land registration fees as well as the title deed.
  • The fee to cover anti-money laundering and property fraud checks.
  • If the property is a leasehold, there will be notice fees.
  • Bank transfer fees may be involved too.
  • The Stamp Duty Land Tax if the property is worth more than £125,000.

The exact total of these fees will vary from purchase to purchase, but as a general rule, you can expect to pay several hundred pounds in fees related to the conveyancing process. Please note, however, that the Stamp Duty Land Tax may be quite significant depending on how valuable the property is. 

Also, not all the above-listed fees will apply to every property sale, but most will. These disbursements payable will all be accounted for in the conveyancing quotes in Peterborough you receive from Conveymoving.

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