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No property purchase in Plymouth is complete until the conveyancing is successfully completed. Conveyancing is the legal transfer of the property from the seller to the buyer, but it involves far more than simply signing a couple of papers. Any mistakes or oversights during conveyancing and the purchase can end up delayed or denied.

That’s why it is so important to have an experienced conveyancer on your side, preferably a local one who understands the local market. The conveyancer will handle all the various aspects of conveyancing for you, ensuring your purchase is brought to a happy conclusion. But how do you obtain reliable conveyancing quotes in Plymouth?, that’s how.

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At we provide you with a fast, simple way to get up to 5 quotations from local conveyancers. Simply navigate to the website, enter some basic information about yourself and the property in question and within seconds of submitting your info you will receive up to 5 reliable quotations from local conveyancers. Nothing could be easier.

The Cost of Conveyancing

Nothing about buying property is particularly easy or cheap, and conveyancing is no exception. So when you receive your conveyancing quotes you will note that there are 2 kinds of fees attached to the process. The first are the fees for the conveyancer’s services. The second are called “disbursements payable”. That harmless-sounding term covers an array of fees and taxes including:

  • Stamp Duty Land Tax on properties worth more than £125,000.
  • Fees to cover the cost of bankruptcy searches.
  • Environmental fees to cover a variety of searches related to subsidence, flooding and more.
  • Fees that cover the cost of local authority searches looking for property restrictions etc.
  • Anti-money laundering and anti-property fraud search fees.
  • Fees to cover mining searches in some areas.
  • Notice fees levied on leasehold properties.
  • Title deed and land registration fees.
  • Any and all bank transfer fees.

The total cost of conveyancing in Plymouth will vary from property to property and will also depend on whether you are the buyer or seller. To learn more write to us at:

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